Send anonymous notes via Private Note.

Our site allows users to create anonymous notes and share them via a link with anyone. A note that was written can be read only once and after reading it is destroyed - the most important thing is complete anonymity since nothing is stored on the server. You can also protect the note with a password - without which it is impossible to read it - this guarantees 100% protection and complete anonymity and guarantees that the note will be read only by those who have the password.

If you are having difficulties with Privnote, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Please include your browser name and version, type of device or computer and the operating system name and version, so we can reproduce the issue.

Remember to check the Frequently Asked Questions and our Privacy Policy first.

Is Privnote really private?
We are confident in asserting that Privnote is both private and secure, and we are committed to making sure it remains that way. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.

How can I send my note? Is there a way to send the link directly from Privnote's site?
Privnote gives you a link to your note. You have to copy and paste that link into an email (or instant message) and send it to the person you want to read the note.

Can I send a Privnote to multiple recipients?
If you want to send the same note to more than one person, go to "Show options" and opt for a time interval for the note's removal, then independently of how many times the note is retrieved, the note will be deleted only after that specified time is completed.

What can I do if I regret sending the note or if I mistakenly send it to someone I do not want to read it?
You just have to paste the link into your browser's URL, and when the note is displayed it will self-destruct. When the person you sent the link to attempts to do the same, a message will display saying that the note has already been read.

Can I know when the note is read?
Yes, you have to check the notification box below the note and enter your email address. Privnote will send an email to that address when the privnot note is read. You can also add a reference to identify each note.

The recipient can copy and paste the note, so it doesn't actually self-destruct, right?
Right. But, then again, you couldn't prevent the recipient from taking a screen capture or even memorizing the note. That's why Privnote doesn't try to protect the note contents from being copied. It only makes sure that the contents is never read, by anyone, before it reaches the recipient, and is never read by anyone afterward either. What the recipient does with the note is his sole responsability.

Is it possible to see a recently read note using the history of the browser, the back button or the recently closed tabs feature?
The note self-destructs after being read; there is no way to re-read it once it has been read.

How much time are unread notes stored on your servers?
After 30 days all unread notes are automatically deleted. For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy

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